Thinkmarkets Review

Analysis of Broker Services in Thinkmarkets
Thinkmarkets offers the users a dynamic brokerage service with its headquarters situated in Australia and also having New Zealand based offices proudly displays products or tools of trading in multiple doses, high technical capability, no dealing with desk and liquidity at high rates. Read more at Thinkmarkets Review.
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At present Thinkmarkets on every account offers a bonus of 10% of both existing as well as new operated accounts. Account holders having $2000 as deposit offers the users with VPS host free of cost to avail of the advices from the experts.
The supplied details are revealed through the thorough analysis of products offered by them, management trends, trade methods and execution modes.
Few added features offering a pleasurable and easy trading experience with Thinkmarkets are displayed underneath:
1. Tools Offering Advices from Experts
2. No restrictions related to Trading transactions
3. Fills in Fast Mode
4. Latency in Lower Range
5. Interbank Spreads in Reduced Terms
6. Limitless profit making and loss avoidance scopes
7. Nullified Slippage
8. Platform Speeds at High Range

Platforms Related to Trade Transactions
Thinkmarkets offers the users with three major platforms for trading. They are as follows:
1. MetaTrader 4
This is the most favorite trading platform of all traders across the world. Thinkmarkets supplies the traders with this platform in their mobiles as well as in PCs.
User friendly navigation process and interface is really helpful for the newcomers as well as for experienced groups as they are blessed with fast trading options.
2. Pro MetaTrader 4
Professional traders are blessed with high level trading experiences with the usage of this platform for trading.
3. SpeedTrader (Currenex)
A perfect platform for trading specially for those who are in urgent requirements of execution of trade services that too in higher speed like that of scalpers and hedgers.
4. WebTrader
Platform providing easy and convenient access as operated through any type of web controlled device devoid of the requirement of downloading and also installation of programs related to software services.
5. MirrorTrader
New traders by using this platform have the chance of copying the trends of trading of skilled professional experts to fasten their process of learning along with the addition of profits in their accounts.
6. MultiManager
Multiple accounts can be managed efficiently and in a skilled manner as the managers in accounts post utilize the platform based on web for business handling purposes.
Thinkmarkets Capital Markets Ltd can be described as New Zealand based brokerage firm dealing with finances related to trading.
A group comprising of traders related to financial markets with proper handful of experiences founded this firm in the year 2010. The services provided by them include CFDs, currencies helping in foreign trade and also valuable metals.
Security of Fund
Under the strict vigilance of the Corporations Act, 2001 codes the funds of the clients are being handled. This means the funds are included under bank trusts under Tier-1 scheme.
These trusted accounts are included under Commonwealth bank that is the biggest Australian bank when treated from the aspects of the assets.
Easy Uses
Trading platform as related to Thinkmarkets provides a pricing of 5-digit. Any sort of trading mode even scalping and hedging can be sued by the trader.
VPS hosting free of cost is offered to each trader who has a minimum amount of $2,000 as deposit in account. ECN better known as Electronic Commission Network, STP or Straight Through Processing, trading and the feature of No Dealing Desk are provided by them.
This implies that they prefer not to carry put the trade related operations against the will of their customers. No re-quotes are offered by them. Liquidity of first-tier along with trading transactions as done in high speed is also offered by the firm.

Types of Accounts
Thinkmarkets provides an account for practicing with no limits in absolutely free of cost involving no risk at all. Thinkmarkets offer the users with the following varieties of accounts of trading that have a deposit of nominal amount at $250 and also offer a leverage at maximum limit of 500:1:
1. Standard Account
An account is opened with deposit in minimum amount of $250 also offers trading scheme with lots 1.0 and the contract size with a minimum range having 0.01. Without any commissions this account is capable of attractive leverage level at 500:1 in maximum limits.
2. Pro Account
You can open a pro account that have deposit of $2000 and allow you to trade with lot 1.0 having size of contract 0.01. Account of this type is levied with a commission having 6 units.
3. Algo Account
If you maintain a balance amounting $25,000 in your account then you are eligible for opening an Algo account that offers with trading option at minimum 1.0 with the size of the contract 0.10. Leverage level of Algo account extends till 500:1.
4. Account meant for Islam People
This account is free of interest and offers free from swap and also abide by the laws of Islam.
Varieties of spreads are offered by Thinkmarkets to the users. As the assessment is made the users need to know about the details regarding the important pairs of currency. They are as follows:
USD/AUD = 1.7 pips
USD/EUR = 1.3 pips
CHF/USD = 1.6 pips
USD/JPY = 1.3 pips
GBP/USD = 1.4 pips

Withdraw and Deposit
If you are interested in making payments in the accounts of forex and also for withdrawing amounts for which you need to employ one of the below mentioned modes:
MoneyBookers (Skrill)
Debit cards
Transfer of Wire
Credit cards

Customer Support Services
Thinkmarkets traders are offered with all day long customer service that is available almost every single day in a week.
While working on the analysis of the performance of the customer care unit of forex it was marked that Thinkmarkets has received comprehensive answer from one of the representatives working at customer care units.
Within 12 hours of sending a mail to the support system you will positively receive a reply from them. Also in case you make a call it is hardly placed in hold as traders over phone are in direct connection with the account manager.
World Finance declared Thinkmarkets as “Best Broker in Australia” in the year 2013. They also received award in customer service category in the year 2012 as the award was delivered by UK Forex. Awards from MENA forex also credited them with fastest developed Forex Award in the segment of the growing companies.
It was also nominated in the category of Online Best Provider FX in MoneyAm Awards. It also has the credit of Best Forex Broker in Middle East as IB times in the year 2011 gave an award to Thinkmarkets.
Account can be started in an easy and extremely convenient way through Thinkmarkets. Simply upload a photo of yours along with statement of bank or utility bill verifying the address provided by you.
You may also choose email option also. Approval and declination of applications are typically done in the expansion of 24 hours and the traders are allowed to create 4 trade accounts as maximum limit.
Withdrawing fund is an easy task and maximum limit of withdrawal is five working days of the week.