Fxpro Review

A Review Of FxPro, A Forex Broker
ExPro is, an easy to use broker suitable not only for those who are “pro”, it is though easily being used by both, the beginners and the professionals.
The leverage ratio can be fixed 1:1 as a minimum and it can be increased up to a maximum of about 1:500.
This broker is headquartered in Cyprus, and before you decide whether you want to use it, it is possible to try it out with a demo account. The minimum deposit is $500 with the minimum volume being 10000, but it is possible to leverage 500 times of your capital.
ExPro offers 8 different platforms associated with it. Of those 8, 4 are being specialized for mobile devices working on android devices or iPhone. The web trader platform is unavoidable MT4, which you don’t have to download for trading as it is possible to trade web-based. That basically means that, with some other aspects of ease, you can trade from any PC that is connected to the internet.

FxPro Features
ExPro offers many videos to help explain your way around. Videos range from helping new traders in the world of trading, to helping experts around the broker.
User Friendly Interface
ExPro paid attention to builds its website to be very user-friendly. And it is. The website is easily navigated, and you won’t have much trouble to peek into every corner and see what is offered.

From FxPro you can transfer your currency from moneybookers, Paypal and neteller online accounts and using your credit card and net banking.
Customer – Service
FxPro offers one of the best customer service among the forex trading consultants. FxPro provides customer service to across 22 different countries and you can request a call from their team on a 24/5 basis.
The website offers detail list of what sort of help you need so you can contact the right person.

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