Thinkmarkets Review

Analysis of Broker Services in Thinkmarkets
Thinkmarkets offers the users a dynamic brokerage service with its headquarters situated in Australia and also having New Zealand based offices proudly displays products or tools of trading in multiple doses, high technical capability, no dealing with desk and liquidity at high rates. Read more at Thinkmarkets Review.
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At present Thinkmarkets on every account offers a bonus of 10% of both existing as well as new operated accounts. Account holders having $2000 as deposit offers the users with VPS host free of cost to avail of the advices from the experts.
The supplied details are revealed through the thorough analysis of products offered by them, management trends, trade methods and execution modes.
Few added features offering a pleasurable and easy trading experience with Thinkmarkets are displayed underneath:
1. Tools Offering Advices from Experts
2. No restrictions related to Trading transactions
3. Fills in Fast Mode
4. Latency in Lower Range
5. Interbank Spreads in Reduced Terms
6. Limitless profit making and loss avoidance scopes
7. Nullified Slippage
8. Platform Speeds at High Range

Platforms Related to Trade Transactions
Thinkmarkets offers the users with three major platforms for trading. They are as follows:
1. MetaTrader 4
This is the most favorite trading platform of all traders across the world. Thinkmarkets supplies the traders with this platform in their mobiles as well as in PCs.
User friendly navigation process and interface is really helpful for the newcomers as well as for experienced groups as they are blessed with fast trading options.
2. Pro MetaTrader 4
Professional traders are blessed with high level trading experiences with the usage of this platform for trading.
3. SpeedTrader (Currenex)
A perfect platform for trading specially for those who are in urgent requirements of execution of trade services that too in higher speed like that of scalpers and hedgers.
4. WebTrader
Platform providing easy and convenient access as operated through any type of web controlled device devoid of the requirement of downloading and also installation of programs related to software services.
5. MirrorTrader
New traders by using this platform have the chance of copying the trends of trading of skilled professional experts to fasten their process of learning along with the addition of profits in their accounts.
6. MultiManager
Multiple accounts can be managed efficiently and in a skilled manner as the managers in accounts post utilize the platform based on web for business handling purposes.
Thinkmarkets Capital Markets Ltd can be described as New Zealand based brokerage firm dealing with finances related to trading.
A group comprising of traders related to financial markets with proper handful of experiences founded this firm in the year 2010. The services provided by them include CFDs, currencies helping in foreign trade and also valuable metals.
Security of Fund
Under the strict vigilance of the Corporations Act, 2001 codes the funds of the clients are being handled. This means the funds are included under bank trusts under Tier-1 scheme.
These trusted accounts are included under Commonwealth bank that is the biggest Australian bank when treated from the aspects of the assets.
Easy Uses
Trading platform as related to Thinkmarkets provides a pricing of 5-digit. Any sort of trading mode even scalping and hedging can be sued by the trader.
VPS hosting free of cost is offered to each trader who has a minimum amount of $2,000 as deposit in account. ECN better known as Electronic Commission Network, STP or Straight Through Processing, trading and the feature of No Dealing Desk are provided by them.
This implies that they prefer not to carry put the trade related operations against the will of their customers. No re-quotes are offered by them. Liquidity of first-tier along with trading transactions as done in high speed is also offered by the firm.

Types of Accounts
Thinkmarkets provides an account for practicing with no limits in absolutely free of cost involving no risk at all. Thinkmarkets offer the users with the following varieties of accounts of trading that have a deposit of nominal amount at $250 and also offer a leverage at maximum limit of 500:1:
1. Standard Account
An account is opened with deposit in minimum amount of $250 also offers trading scheme with lots 1.0 and the contract size with a minimum range having 0.01. Without any commissions this account is capable of attractive leverage level at 500:1 in maximum limits.
2. Pro Account
You can open a pro account that have deposit of $2000 and allow you to trade with lot 1.0 having size of contract 0.01. Account of this type is levied with a commission having 6 units.
3. Algo Account
If you maintain a balance amounting $25,000 in your account then you are eligible for opening an Algo account that offers with trading option at minimum 1.0 with the size of the contract 0.10. Leverage level of Algo account extends till 500:1.
4. Account meant for Islam People
This account is free of interest and offers free from swap and also abide by the laws of Islam.
Varieties of spreads are offered by Thinkmarkets to the users. As the assessment is made the users need to know about the details regarding the important pairs of currency. They are as follows:
USD/AUD = 1.7 pips
USD/EUR = 1.3 pips
CHF/USD = 1.6 pips
USD/JPY = 1.3 pips
GBP/USD = 1.4 pips

Withdraw and Deposit
If you are interested in making payments in the accounts of forex and also for withdrawing amounts for which you need to employ one of the below mentioned modes:
MoneyBookers (Skrill)
Debit cards
Transfer of Wire
Credit cards

Customer Support Services
Thinkmarkets traders are offered with all day long customer service that is available almost every single day in a week.
While working on the analysis of the performance of the customer care unit of forex it was marked that Thinkmarkets has received comprehensive answer from one of the representatives working at customer care units.
Within 12 hours of sending a mail to the support system you will positively receive a reply from them. Also in case you make a call it is hardly placed in hold as traders over phone are in direct connection with the account manager.
World Finance declared Thinkmarkets as “Best Broker in Australia” in the year 2013. They also received award in customer service category in the year 2012 as the award was delivered by UK Forex. Awards from MENA forex also credited them with fastest developed Forex Award in the segment of the growing companies.
It was also nominated in the category of Online Best Provider FX in MoneyAm Awards. It also has the credit of Best Forex Broker in Middle East as IB times in the year 2011 gave an award to Thinkmarkets.
Account can be started in an easy and extremely convenient way through Thinkmarkets. Simply upload a photo of yours along with statement of bank or utility bill verifying the address provided by you.
You may also choose email option also. Approval and declination of applications are typically done in the expansion of 24 hours and the traders are allowed to create 4 trade accounts as maximum limit.
Withdrawing fund is an easy task and maximum limit of withdrawal is five working days of the week.

EasyMarkets Review

Overview – forex broker EasyMarkets Review
EasyMarkets (former Easy forex) is a broker that is based in Cyprus and it started out in the industry in 2003. They provide services to more than one hundred sixty countries across the globe
Pro – You will only be required to spend around $25 when you open an account. They also implement orders in a precise quoted price without mistakes.
Con—their demo account is only good for 30 days. This is just a time given to you to prepare and learn everything about their platform well enough before you start trading live.
Summary—EasyMarkets (former Easy forex)’s presence is more than 10 years and it has made them one of the well respected and highly credible establishments in the business.
Visit Easy Markets (former Easy Forex)

What exchanging choices you can depend on at EasyMarkets (former Easy forex) dealer?
This is the other thing we adore about this merchant. This is the most finish dealer with regards to exchanging choices. For the forex cash sets, I can say that they are sufficient – 40 sets. You get the most prominent ones in addition to a percentage of the more outlandish monetary forms. 20 of these monetary standards are accessible for double choices exchanging. The spreads are altered or floatable, yet at the same time in a tight interim, so you can placidly exchange while knowing the amount it will cost you. You can exchange with the five most well known and appealing metals on exceptionally aggressive costs. The other good thing is that you have an extensive variety of products for exchanging – oil or gas? It doesn’t make a difference whenl you can get all of them in addition to a ton of chances by exchanging rural products – I truly jump at the chance to play around with espresso and cocoa. All significant stock files are on your transfer.
Which exchanging programming you can utilize?
Also you can utilize the most prevalent MT 4 stage which is utilized for 85% of the arrangements. We are infatuated with the full backing for cell phones, in light of the fact that consistently we exchange on the go, from telephones and portable PCs. Indeed, even in the most essential set ups you can depend on constant upgrades and nitty gritty logs. They are valuable for dissecting your conduct. There are tons of diagramming devices complimented by monetary Intel, instruments for investigation and obviously, you can read all the vital news by Reuters and also a considerable measure of budgetary examinations and things like that.

Modes of withdrawals: no add-ons

The funds that will be withdrawn are also a non-issue, since they sustain some choices. It is quick and very much suited for different deposit approaches. It is also a nice way to be familiar with the process and how you will comply with the policies that were mandated by the Anti-money laundering guidelines.
The processing time to withdraw: less trouble
The agent that will let you know that there is only two days to complete the entire process through the requests to withdraw with just some days to complete and be able to money back in an account. When you tried withdrawing the money from the account and be delighted, it will only take less than a week before you will be able to get the money back.

For new traders this forex broker is excellent solution.

Forex broker Exness Review

EXNESS information – from forex exness review

EXNESS is the primary investment firm giving the widest variety of important services meant for trading operations management. They also offer operative isolated and institutional savings to people from various ranges of knowledge as well as for private and corporate traders. It was launched in the year 2008. The EXNESS offers the client a chance to trading on MT4 as well as MetaTrader 5 which is one of the most famous trading software across the globe without the primary deposit with the leverage that ranges from 2:1 and up to 2.000:1 while the pip spreads on primary currency pairs beginning from 0.1 pips. The MetaTrader EXNESS version of its primary pair of currency. The versions of the MetaTrader EXNESS offer all of its clients with the stability and dependability. The ECN account starts at $1,000. The minimum deposit required for trading with this broker is just $1.

4 Kinds of trading accounts in EXNESS
1) Cent
This is a basic kind of account for newbies. They must have a minimum deposit of 2,000:1 while the least trade size must be around .01 cent lot and the max. trade size is 1 cent lot.
2) Mini
This is the account that doesn’t have any least deposit. The maximum trade size is around .01 lots while the max is set at 2.000:1.
3) Classic
The minimum deposit as well as leverage will be set to $2,000 as well as 2,000:1 accordingly. The minimum as well as the maximum trade size is set on 0.1 lots.
4) ECN
This type of account magnets a minimum commission of $25/standard lot traded, with the minimum trade size of 0.1 lots.
The features
The traders may pick from MT4, EXNESS web trader, and even mobile platforms.

With the never ending growth, guidance through a systematic improvement of trading conditions they became the key in the endless victory of the company. Some problems about how to improve the quality of services being offered at the company is highly considered and they are very much serious in dealing with it. In December of 2011, the company got an international certificate with compliance in 2008 for being able to make forex trading well organized. In this company, the clients got the all original service the site will be able to deal with various clients from different parts of the globe. The website is in more than twenty three languages and so with their customer service representatives that can speak more than thirteen languages. They are also open 24/7. The clients are also given an access to 1:2000 leverage which is actually lower in margin requirements thus enables the trading techniques to be easily managed.

Instaforex review

Review on InstaForex
InstaForex is the very first forex trading firm that was recognized for its amusing service and good customer support at the same time. It’s home office if situated in Russia. From then on, they were proposing the proficiency in the online trading industry. It has formulated well versed experts who have enough information in the market; they are always ready to share what they have learned through the years with their clients. The broker became known because of its lucidity, personalized approach and ability. These are the reasons why this company was given an acknowledgement as among the top ten forex brokers across the globe. There are more than two hundred fifty representatives through the globe; they are usually located in Asia.
This is where the number of brokers registered is all successful. InstaForex is truly famous among its clients. This is due to the fact that it has a good service and it has been recognized by the World Finance and British Magazine. It was given an award as the Best Broker in Asia. They have been given the recognition for three succeeding years. Aside from this, it has won some awards from its prominence in the mass media such as European CEO along with the CNBC business magazine. All of these accomplishments are highly recognized across the globe.

The features of the trading platforms

1. MT4 platform
2. MT5 platform

Account kinds and information

1. The Insta Standard account is, moreover, subdivided into 3 micro, standard and even mini forex accounts.
2. The Insta Eurica trading accounts are 0 spread accounts meant for beginners in the forex market to be able to trade in order to get dangle of the live trade instances on the Instaforex.
3. The Cent Standard along with the Cent Eurica accounts are in smaller volume accounts for those who are interested to learn. The minimum trade lot is 10,000s of a micro lot.
Distinctive features

1. Different trading competitions with a lot of special prizes.
2. Comes with free VPS hosting for those who will go beyond $5,000 or hosting fees shall apply monthly.

Deposits & withdrawals

1. Bitcoin offers you a cyrptocurrency way of depositing and it is free of charge. The request will be processed within three hours only.
2. ATM debit cards wherein the deposits will be processed in a day.
3. InstaForex MasterCard offers you a branded MasterCard wherein the traders can place the deposits for 24 hour processing.
4. International bank transfer is typically processed within four banking days.
5. The E-payment methods like Skrill, FilsPay, Neteller and others can be used, but they offer 2.5% transaction charge and it must be deposited within 7 working days.

InstaForex Review and instaforex bonus

With more than 1/2M users, InstaForex may be called a well established name in forex trading. The number of traders using this merchant is actually growing daily by the hundreds. They have been known as the primary broker in Asia and this recognition was given by the World Finance Awards in 2011 and this is just among the numbers of awards that they’ve got so far through the years. InstaForex is an ECN based broker with the best liquidity as well as implementation, they are also rightfully regulated by the Federal Financial Markets Service.
The options of markets
InstaForex enables you to trade various types of exchange pairs that include Euros and US dollars, US dollars and Japanese Yen as well as US dollars and Canadian dollars. Metals can also be traded such as silver, heating oil, natural gas, wheat for commodities, soybeans as well as corn. More so, these trading instruments have also currently introduced forex choices, which will open up a wide choice of fresh probabilities for the assumption along with dodging.
Various accounts with spreads & margins
InstaForex will enable to have a force of up to 1:1,000, which is among the largest if not the uppermost in the business. This is priceless along with scalpers since it enables them to come up with the utmost return on the capital. InstaForex keeps tight fixed spread all the time that includes news releases, so you will know that you can get the implemented by the best price probable. The usual spreads being offered by InstaForex on the primary currencies.

Reference :
instaforex trading Review.

Fxpro Review

A Review Of FxPro, A Forex Broker
ExPro is, an easy to use broker suitable not only for those who are “pro”, it is though easily being used by both, the beginners and the professionals.
The leverage ratio can be fixed 1:1 as a minimum and it can be increased up to a maximum of about 1:500.
This broker is headquartered in Cyprus, and before you decide whether you want to use it, it is possible to try it out with a demo account. The minimum deposit is $500 with the minimum volume being 10000, but it is possible to leverage 500 times of your capital.
ExPro offers 8 different platforms associated with it. Of those 8, 4 are being specialized for mobile devices working on android devices or iPhone. The web trader platform is unavoidable MT4, which you don’t have to download for trading as it is possible to trade web-based. That basically means that, with some other aspects of ease, you can trade from any PC that is connected to the internet.

FxPro Features
ExPro offers many videos to help explain your way around. Videos range from helping new traders in the world of trading, to helping experts around the broker.
User Friendly Interface
ExPro paid attention to builds its website to be very user-friendly. And it is. The website is easily navigated, and you won’t have much trouble to peek into every corner and see what is offered.

From FxPro you can transfer your currency from moneybookers, Paypal and neteller online accounts and using your credit card and net banking.
Customer – Service
FxPro offers one of the best customer service among the forex trading consultants. FxPro provides customer service to across 22 different countries and you can request a call from their team on a 24/5 basis.
The website offers detail list of what sort of help you need so you can contact the right person.

Reference : Review is the main brand of a company SafeCap Investments Ltd that deals with Forex brokers. They have been in news recently mostly because of launching Binary Option broker – TopOption.
Here you will read a short review about Review
This brand was formed in 2008, but it took them 2 years before it became operational. Today, you can work on via your mobile devices.
For the clients who want to trade on, there are a number of platforms to trade with. There is unavoidable MetaTrader 4 which doesn’t need much introduction to anybody who has ever done trading business. But, for those who like testing new stuff, there is Sirix Web Trader. It has all operation required for you to trade if you – for any reason – you don’t want to use MetaTrader4. is very rich with mobile devices usage. HTML 5 platform enables anybody to reach anywhere if you have a connection there. If you fancy social trading, there is Market Auto Trader for you which is one version of Tradency’s Mirror Trader. offers their clients very solid trading conditions. Expert Advisors are also allowed with some limitations about closing stop losses that can be placed to position that is newly opened. On Forex pairings, the leverage is 1:200, and on other CFD’s that are available, the leverage is 1:100. It is obvious that there are larger leverages on some other platforms, but if you are about average user, will not give you any headache about it.
There are options of spreads – fixed or variable.
Large number of currency pairs will give you lots of space and freedom to trade your ways. But what will certainly attract even more profound traders is the variety of CFD’s. Forex market might be the reason to visit, but you will not be disappointed with trading with commodities, stocks, bonds or indices.
Anything that we can’t cover in our review is available to be walked through, and furthermore, the customer support section will ease your walkthrough. There is a large variety of telephone operators throughout the world, so even if you are not from any of the countries has its operator, you should be able to find some that has good telecommunication relations with your country, so you can avoid being charged for the call. Overall evaluation of their customer support is very decent, with several languages you can communicate on.

SafeCap Investments Ltd is a Cyprus based company that is free of any disciplinary actions which is a good credential. It is supervised under MiFID signed country, which gives more assurance that is a fine place for trading.
Feel free to comment further more if you had any experience with, be it positive or negative, share with us and our friends your view.


Hotforex Review

Hot forex hotforex review
After being successful as regular brokers, Forex has developed its online services provider. It is called HotForex and it offers NDD (No Dealing Desk) and STP (Straight Through Processing) realization. Its services are available internationally. The Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC) regulates and authorizes HotForexs work and. Found that clients deposit are placed in segregated accounts with investment grade institutions.
HotForex 100% Bonus On All Deposits

The range of platforms they offer is huge and it even includes Meta Trader 4 or popularly known as MT4, which is the most famous and most used retail Forex trading platform in the world. HotForex offers its clients option to download MT4 application to their Windows PC or, in case they use a Mac or Linux, they can use it online via HotForex web trader. This application is also available for iOS, Android or Windows Mobile devices as well as Blackberry devices.
They offer a different type of accounts for their users, which are adjusted for their needs. Therefore, if you are a first time user, you can choose the special service for new traders. It is a service that provides an account designed especially for the beginners. Minimal opening deposit is only 50$, it has leverage that goes up to 1:1000 and its minimum trade sizes are small.
For experienced traders, HotForex designed two types of accounts for investors that want to trade bigger amounts on tight spreads; Standard HotForex account and VIP account. There is also an account designed for those traders who want to work on raw spreads – Currenex account.

There is also an account for those who want to do business with fixed spreads currencies. Even though HotForex has reserved its right to widen spreads on its FIX accounts in case of big changes, they stay the same in 99.73% of the time.
For its Muslim clients HotForex has provided two types of accounts with swap-free format – Micro and Standard accounts. Standalone Islamic Forex account is also available, with all characteristics required for Islamic banking.
As for signals that are available when using Forex, there is ZuluTrade, who had became partner with HotForex. It provides users to follow signal providers. Also, it is possible to trade manually through HotForex Zulu account. Users are charged a commission for using HotForex through ZuluTrade. Commission is 1.5 pips per round.

Exness Review

Exness review

The EXNESS is devoted to being flexible and responsive to individual and corporate customers, acting like a dependable partner in assisting its customers to build up their business, as well as supporting the vital economic and social programs. The EXNESS customers are haggard to our dependable, affordable services as well as our special approach to every customer’s requirements as we can read in detail exness review. Our stability is rooted in our compassion to the market dynamics as well as our ability to remain with new technologies and instruments.

Nowadays, the EXNESS provides its partners and customers a huge collection of services regarding business management as well as effective instrument. Every customer, no matter that how much capital and experience they’ve, have the same top class EXNESS service.
The employees of EXNESS are great experts in financial and currency markets that assurances that our customers have an access of accurate, expert decision-makers.
Forex trader’s success hugely relies on these qualities like: composure, ambition, self-discipline, analytical thinking, commitment. But also these professional and personal qualities, the earnings of trader are as well reliant on her or his partner choice. Why are several traders across the globe selecting EXNESS?
The company is incessantly moving forward, like we’ve traditionally highlighted our quality services. In virtually all of committing development areas in Forex industry, the EXNESS has implemented and developed its personal proprietary solutions that often don’t have the analogues on market. Since year 2012, we’ve provided the accounts of trading with market implementation of orders. Today, along with benefits you have from the trading with immediate order implementation in Forex classic and Forex Mini accounts, our customers have an access to each and every possibilities of straight access to the interbank liquidity on accounts of Forex ECN.
We wish to highlight that the regardless of account type, the EXNESS customer may forever be positive of obey the essential principles of winning trading.

Forex pairs
Wide instruments selection. New and professionals traders similar will be grateful for the unbelievable instruments selection provided by the EXNESS; Withdrawal of funds is automatic – a sole service to such day which saves era and gives customers with 24 hours access to funds in trading account; proficient support – professionals at our firm are set to give you with support of consultation on every issue in 4 languages around the clock in a week; Flexible options of deposit & withdrawal. Customers may manage the funds in trading accounts through wire transfer, bank card or some of many systems of online payment. Access of VPS. The EXNESS customers have totally gratis access to the remote server, increasing their approach to the systems of automated trading. Frequently improving trading practice for its customers, EXNESS is the leader on global Forex market.

Exness Spreads
Minimum balanced spreads devoid of extra fee in the accounts of Forex Classic are important parameter in conditions of trading of every company of financial services, whose significance increases with many transactions that performed in one account; now, after creating ECN account in our company, every customer may control the spreads with placing the limit orders; the leverage ratio is 1:2000 for the Forex Classic and Forex Mini accounts comprises almost unique instrument on Forex market which is crucial for experts, a decrease in the margin needs for huge leverages extends possibilities for executing the trading strategies; an excellent order implementation, comprising slippage and minimum re-quotes for the Forex Classic and Forex Mini accounts in combination with using speedy systems, comprising automatic ones; and for accounts of ECN re-quoting customer orders are prohibited in principle;

Hedging – the EXNESS assures profit payment of every size on whole transactions that made from our company. It provided by following mechanism: relying on the kind of account transactions which are hedged also with the institutional market contestants, or else like part of collective position, or else individually; additionally, in accounts of ECN every transaction should be showed on interbank market Lack of divergence of interests – at the floor of ECN, our company performs like an intermediary which offers selection as well as prompt order implementation by the individual ECN contestants at good prices; smallest risks of non-trading – we employ the best software and equipment to particularly decrease the probability of technical errors.

Avatrade Review

The origin of award winning AvaFx dates back to 2006. Recently through the rebranding process it has entered the market as AvaTrade, an entirely new entity. The rapid changes in the financial market has evoked for the rebranding process. AvaTrade other than brokerage services offer the clients with other services related to the Forex markets. Current ranges of products as offered by AvaTrade are expanded in tremendous manner with availability of instruments of financial services like Indices that includes Standard and Poor Indices, Dow Jones and other stocks and commodities, AvaTrade is operating in various centers in Ireland, Dublin. As a concluding part of the rebranding process AvaTrade captivates more financial online brokerage services.
Avatrade review:
AvaTrade review – Start trading with as little as 100€/$

AvaTrade, better recognized as a prominent forex brokers of the world in online platform boasts more than 1, 05,000 clients registered all over the world as the monthly volume going above $ 21 billion. Many top-categorized internet programmers and financial expert groups set up this company in the year 2006. It is developed with a mission of developing an ultimate trading environment in the online platform.

The trader specific approaches as focused by the company is the main reason distinguishes the companies from the others operating in the markets. Most of the other companies are mere subsidiary organizations of many bank groups. On the other hand, AvaTrade is a conception conceived by groups of experienced traders who are aware about the upodated requirement of the expanding market segments. Whether it is the option of the multiple languages or entire day customer service to the innovative graphical interface, AvaTrade has their objective focused for the users. They are the proprietor of Metatrader 4 that supports the leading banking and other financial institutions as available throughout the world. It provides the traders with simple but feature studded trading environment.
An S&P affiliation bearing rating agency has rated AvaTrade as “A+” as it is supported by a supreme financial institution managing over more than $ 16.5 billion of assets.
Ava Capital Markets, belongs under Ava Group is a cent percent owned subsidiary unit. Services as provided by AvaTrade for the EU customers meet the standards of European Union as regulated by Financial Regulator of Ireland.

Avatrade bonus
You can get 50% Avatrade forex bonus. If you deposit $1000 you will get $500 forex bonus.

• Platforms of Trading
AvaTrade had undergone lots of changes from its previous format AvaFx. Many new features are also incorporated in the services offered by these trading platforms. Now, traders are offered with as many as eight varieties of trading platforms. Choose from these eight options.
• Trade Automatically
It incorporates many automated trading versions like MirrorTrader, ZuluTrade, Currensee and Ayondo.
The automatic trading software from AvaTrade allows the traders check the trading patterns adopted by experienced traders even in the unattended mode of the trading platform.
• AVAOptions
Latest trading version results from the combination of flexible and powerful FX options as available with FX Spot that allows the traders with maximum return.
• AvaTrader
Proprietary customized trading platform comes with advanced features combined with many live news updates.
• Mac Trading
This trading platform is exclusively tailor made for computers from Mac as it allows the traders to make access through the major markets as operated in the shortest execution duration.
• MetaTrader 4
This platform is considered as the standard format as available in Forex market. MT4 offers the users with flexible features good enough even for the beginners.
• Mobile Trading
AvaTrader power and facilities offered by MT4 are combined together with the mobile trading platforms as it is delivered within your grips.
• MT4 Floating Spreads
All utilities of MT4 platform with extra benefits at low spreads are offered to the traders through platform of MT4 Floating Spread as directly obtained from interbank markets.
• Web Trading
The trading platform based on web permits traders to enjoy maximum advantages of internet without tying up with your desktop at home.
Other Features
The rebranding process is well complemented by inclusion of extra services like:
• Forex market related News Links
• Twitter News Updates
• Charts based on Real Time
• Analysis of Markets
These extra services provide the traders with free time so that they can concentrate on the trading operations instead of spending time by analysis of upgraded information related to the market.
Trading Account Types
AvaTrade has classified the trading account into five types:
• Demo Account
The novice traders are allowed with trading benefit as they test with virtual amount of $100,000.
• AvaTrade
AvaTrade platform is customized to maintain the needs of general businessmen. It is again classified into three types of sub categories as it comes with own sets of advantages and requirements.
• Platinum – ($10,000 is the minimum deposit amount)
• Gold – ($1,000 is the lowest deposit value)
• Silver – ($100 is the minimum deposit amount)

• AvaSelect
This option is available only for those who have dealt with the trading amount more than $100 million or is capable of depositing an amount of $100,000. Membership option for the specified AvaSelect club is available on quarterly basis.
Spreads or Commissions
No commissions are charged by AvaTrade to meet with the standard determined by the industry. Small spreads as available from 3 to 7 pips are available for the clients.
Customer Support Services
AvaTrade understands the importance of several trading channels as account funding is available for the clients. Such trading options allow funding for the accounts by opting:
• Wire Transfer
• Western Union
• Web Money
• Paypal
• Moneybookers
• Credit/Debit cards
Other than the methods as mentioned above traders can also use AvaTrade special Debit Card facilitating rapid withdrawal within minimum processing hours.
Let revise the prime benefits of AvaTrade that includes:
• Alluring Promotional and Bonus Offers
• Educational Resources in Comprehensive Fashion
• Well recognized and trustworthy Broker
• Demo Account Free of Cost
• Trading Tool Ranges
• Lowest Deposit Amount $100
• Lower Range of Spreads
• Analysis of Market
• Trading Platforms offering Multiple Choice Options
• Durable and Trustworthy Platforms for trading
It is very difficult to point out any deficiency of AvaTrade. Ava’s employees try to make better out of the already available product or services. They are constantly taking attempt to improve their own products and services.
This rebranding process is no publicity gimmick. Instead it improved their servicing standards to a great extent. AvaTrade has remained successful in carving out its own niche. If looking for engaging Forex trader then one is advised to go for this broker.

Instaforex Review

The InstaForex online broker which was founded in year 2007, InstaForex is the brand that is belong to the Insta Trade Corporation, that is the part of group of companies which mixes investing firms unites globally.

Based on Instaforex review, Instaforex gives the activities of trading to all kind o traders. Company is going job in more than fifty countries, mostly are in Asia and Europe.
InstaForex forex broker bonus
Services: such forex broker gives its customers with the access to top information technologies, huge range of the trading instruments, as well as a sophisticated and advance website, where the traders may find precious forex trade instruments, as well as fund’s manager, IB’s, partners & allied programs.

Regulation: The InstaForex is keeping pace and regulated by the Rafmm. Federal Fiscal Markets Services.

Managed/Handled Accounts: The Insta Forex as well gives the efficient systems of PAMM in market where the PAMM manager may setup the account with less funding needs in some simple steps on site, as well to start manage or handle his customers account right away.

Liquidity: such online forexbroker that cooperates with the big brokers, contractor as well as the huge market makers that give the company with huge liquidity & probability to provide the efficient and fast online services.

Online trading: The online forexbroker allows using hedging and scalping strategies, all sort of the orders are obtainable, but OCO orders/instructions.

Trading platforms: The Meta Trader (by Metaquotes)

Clients support: Client support is obtainable 24/5 by forums, email, live chat and phone as well as is offered in following language: Russian, Malay, English and Indonesian.

The languages of website are: Chinese, English, Czech, German, Arabic, Italian, French, Hindi, Turkish, Polish, Latvian, Thai, Malay, Romanian, Hungarian, Farsi, Spanish, Urdu and Balgarian.

Account Currencies: USD, NOK, HKD, AUD, GBP, JPY, DKK, NZD, SEK, EUR, SGD, CAD.

Deposit: a mini. Deposit of amount $1

Mini. trade volume: the smallest trade – 0.01 Lot i.e. $1000.

Leverage: the maxi. Leverage ratio is 1:1000.

Spreads: Spread are fixed. These are on main: EUR/USD – three pips, GBP/USD – three pips, USD/JPY – three pips.

Fees & Transactions: there’re fees on the deposits & withdrawal that are probable by: Debit Card, Visa, Wire Transfer, Neteller, EgoPay, Solidtrust Pay, Webmoney, Other Debitcards, InstaForex, Mastercard, CashU, UnionPay, Ucash and Moneybookers/Skrill.

Just like any victorious capitalist, my voyage has been full of ups & downs, nevertheless, it astonishes me what I’ve been capable to accomplish by some effort as well as grease.
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I have created more than sixty min. of free training program to assist you to move forward as well as have results that you may access at what time you signup.
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Features of InstaForex Mobile Trading and Online Platform
InstaTrader is the name of the trading platform of InstaForex and depends on the terminal of MetaTrader 4. This terminal provides the users with free access. Again if you are operating smartphone or PDA running on the platform of Windows Mobile, then you have access to run this InstaTrader on mobile device. As you use this platform you can begin and manage your trading position and analyze technical details with the Forex news details.
Trading Devices, Online Charts and Educational Resources
Top class Forex trade related training is provided to the beginners through InstaForex. The training tools include wide ranges of videos, articles and reports on the basis of analysis of market reports as displayed in the website. Other than all other regular options as provided by the brokers, you are provided with an additional feature of InstaForex TV. This TV channel exclusively deals with the services and latest news related to the Forex markets. Interviews of the expert traders and analysts, market reviews and the changing trends of the markets are highlighted in the news feeds of the channel. This is how they help even the novice traders to get trained about the pattern of trading.
Full chart functions are displayed by InstaForex on their websites. You can go ahead with your technical based analysis even when your Insta Trader platform is closed.
Minimum Deposit Amount Required by InstaForex
Depending on your contract size with InstaForex, large numbers of options are available for you. In the first place you can open up a Micro account as you deposit only $1. Then you can also go for Mini Forex account as you deposit $100 and the rate for the Stabdard Forex account is $1000.
It is beyond any doubt that InstaForex offers many attractive business terms and strong trading devices for both of beginner and advanced traders. So why are you hesitant about trying the options available in this trading platform to check out how suitable these are?

These days, the InstaForex gets into all the latest trends in the Forex market:
• more than three hundred trading tools inclusive future contracts CBOT, ICE and NYMEX;
• continually updating range of the forex-services for the customers – ForexCopy, PAMM-System, Option trading;
• InstaForex TV, the commercial TV channel (opposing to the other companies, we not citing or copying the other resources of TV but we film personal TV news);
• the portal of international trading MetaTrade (company’s official partner);
• thirty percent bonus for every deposit;
• the amount of bonus up to $50000;
• leverage ration from 1:1 upto 1:1000;
• two types of accounts – spreads with & without (commission rather than spread);
• the chance to withdraw the funds directly “InstaForex MasterCard”;
• the beneficial swaps system for BUY & SELL orders;

• the chance to become the complete member of elite club (particular bonuses for every deposit on the trading account);
• eight trading services & fifty data centres across the world;
• opening of separated accounts, offering protection of customer’s capital from the risks of some force-majeur conditions;
• Forex learning course for the beginners.
The customers may replenish the trading accounts as well as withdraw by using, RBKMoney, WEbMoney, Qiwi, AlerPay, MoneyBookers/Skrills, Liberty Reserve, EuroGoldCash (USD), Pecunix, Wire Transfer, MasterCard, VisaCard, Wire Transfer. There’re unlimited withdrawal. Min. deposit is $1. Every company’s customer may download mobile platform, platforms of MetaTrader 4 & MetaTrader 5 and Webplatform.